We are the pioneer of Prefabricated building construction services in the great state of Bihar. Our Prefabrication facilities are designed to be fully customer-centric in order to provide our clientele with turnkey Prefabrication solutions expertly delivered with the highest quality Prefabrication processes.

We offer the complete turnkey solutions for prefabricated site office under one roof starting from designing, fabrication, production and installation. Moreover these prefab cabins are constructed with insulated panels and thus are best suited for adverse climatic conditions.

The method of construction with prefabrication takes upto 40 percent lesser time than brick and mortar. Building components are manufactured offsite and carried to the job site for assembling and installation. So the completion timeline is not affected by changing weather conditions or othervariables which are frequently related to traditional construction.


PEB Buildings

SRI Prefab is an Indian PEB manufacturer offering durable products for infrastructure development. With innovative prefabrication techniques, they provide fast and cost-effective solutions for residential, industrial, and commercial structures. Their products are designed to meet high-quality standards and ensure long-lasting performance.

Multi Storey Steel Building

SRI Prefab is India's leading supplier of multi-story buildings, offering solutions from design to installation. Our pre-made structures are designed with consideration for seismic zone, wind loads, and other criterias, ensuring a well-developed architectural structure and are suitable for harsh environmental conditions.


SRI Prefab, India's top warehouse manufacturer, builds durable pre-engineered warehouses that cater to specific client needs, using lightweight materials for small and large industries. Our prefabricated structures promise excellent durability, performance, and storage convenience at cost-effective prices.

Industrial Sheds

SRI Prefab provides best-in-class solutions for pre-engineered industrial sheds at standard construction costs. With widespread adoption of pre-engineered constructions, SRI Prefab is the fastest-growing industrial shed manufacturer and supplier in India, catering to the diverse demands of the construction industry.

Industrial Enclosures

SRI Prefab is known for producing high-quality industrial enclosures that are durable and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. We provides both standard and customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring that all storage requirements of manufacturing facilities are adequately met.

Cold Storage

SRI Prefab supplies durable and well-protected cold store structures such as blast freezers, food ripening chambers, large warehouses for freezers, and pre-coolers. These modular cold rooms are designed to store and keep fruits, vegetables, meat, and other items fresh, cool, and safe for consumption all year round.



Guaranteed superior quality & extremely cost-effectiveness.
Precisely customized & maintenance-free Prefab solutions.
Earthquake resistant & energy efficient roof & wall systems.
Better ductility, malleability, and flexibility for reconfiguration.
Timely manner of product delivery with easy-to-move packaging.
Excellent weldability & high thermal resistance of products.



Our Services offer a complete solution for all your prefabrication needs resulting in the timely and easy fulfillment of the customer’s strategic goals. With a number of highly technical departments and their strategic coordination, we undertake all assigned tasks sincerely.

1. Saraf Real Infra delivers cutting-edge 3-D Prefab Solutions that comprise modular structural units to be combined at the site with other building units. This is a relatively faster mode of construction as the modular units can be prefabricated off-site and can be delivered on-site simultaneously with site preparation.

2. The 3-D building elements may be structural elements, architectural elements, service elements, or a hybrid of the three, enabling the construction to go multi-level.

3. Our Prefab materials can be applied to the construction of a wide variety of structures like Factories, Warehouses, Showrooms, Offices, Schools, Hospitals, On-Site Offices, Commercial Complexes, Shopping Malls, Sports Stadiums, and other recreational facilities.

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